•  Sessions are taught conveniently online. (Using the free ZOOM app.)

  • We typically teach with two educators. 

  • Our curriculums are evidence-based & incorporates clinically proven practices.

  • We customize the curriculum for each participant. 

  • Our rates are highly competitive, with no hidden costs. 

  • Our courses meet all court requirements for Anger & Stress Management Education.

  • Certificate Upon Completion.

Payment for our services can be Prepaid or Pay As You Go.

We also use PayPal / PayPal Credit & Venmo.

FREE Anger & Stress Management Assessment

($75.00 Value)


We use a four-step assessment process. We strive to give the most accurate assessment that will best benefit the client.

Once completed you will receive your results along with our recommendations, for your personal use, or you can present the results to your attorney or judge.

You are not required to use our services after the assessment is complete.

FREE Consultation

30 min. Consultation on Zoom.

Find out which of our services will best benefit you. 

Anger/Stress Management Courses

$25.00 hr.

(Your Typical In-Person Group Anger Management Program With One Instructor Will Cost You $20.00 hr. + additional fees such as, assessment, workbooks, etc..


Highly flexible and customizable programs to fit your individual goals and schedule. (Virtual Program Done In The Privacy Of Your Home!)
2-on-1 Instruction with two instructors.
Complete Course On Your Schedule! (Multiple classes a week if needed)

Personal Development Course


"Conquering The Phoenix"
20 hr. Personal Development Program
Inside everyone there is a flame that burns, but if we do not learn to control and manage our flame, it can consume us. Like the mythical Phoenix, fire can consume us to ashes, but we can rise from those ashes to begin a new life. 
Our 20 hr. Personal Development Program 2-on-1 (Two Instructors) it goes beyond simply managing our emotions, it gets down to the causation of our emotional struggles.
This online course is conducted private not in a group setting.
Some of the topics covered are:
  • Stress Management  /  Building Resiliency      
  • Emotional Intelligence  /  Positive Self-Talk
  • Self-Care  /  Dynamics of Interpersonal Relationships
  • Stress in the workplace  / Personal and Family Stress
  • Managing Crisis  / Frustration and Burnout
  • Coping & Communication Skills  /  Anxiety Management 

Stress Management Course


Stress is unfortunately a part of life, having the proper skills to manage stress is more important than ever.

With our 12 hour private online course,(with two instructors) we will develop a personalized stress management program that will help you become the best version of yourself.

Consulting Services

If your organization needs to develop a program or just need to provide training for your staff, please contact us to discuss how Freedom From Anger, LLC. can assist you in reaching your business goals. 

(In-Person available depending on location)

Group Hosting

If your agency has a group needing  classes, we can host that group for you. We offer a discount from our normal rates. Contact us to discuss how we may be of assistance. (In-Person available depending on location)


Let's Work Together

If you have any questions about our services, or to inquire about additional services not listed, please contact us so we can schedule a meeting to discuss.