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William Branum, Retired Navy SEAL Sniper Instructor, Entrepreneur, Naked Warrior Recovery & High-Performance Leadership Coach. Naked Warrior Recovery is a CBD company focused on the recovery of veterans and first responders. Please support William, check out his second to none CBD products, and change your life! SAVE 25% when you listen for the promo code on our podcast with Mr. Branum.


Check out his “5 Seal Secrets” & GET NAKED!

Twitter: @RecoveryNaked

Instagram: nakedwarriorrecovery


Terry Tucker, former Division I basketball player at The Citadel, SWAT Hostage Negotiator, Author, Motivational Speaker, and Cancer Warrior. If you want you be inspired, please check out Terry’s website, get his book, or listen to him on numerous podcast (ours included) & YouTube videos. We are glad to know Mr. Tucker, and support all of his amazing work to help change lives!

Twitter: @TerryTucker2012


Dave Nordel, retired United States Air Force Command Chief Master Sergeant with over 30 years of
service, #1 Bestselling author, owner of Max Fab Consulting providing exceptional leadership programs, Veteran READY Certification and Training Program. A program designed to assist businesses in cultivating a vibrant and inclusive veteran-READY culture and attracting and retaining highly skilled veteran employees. Please support Dave in his mission to help veterans transition, pass his information on to your employer, local chamber of commerce etc.


In Travis’ own words “I like to discover and share real life moments of inspiration by everyday people! This show is about finding these moments of inspiration for our everyday lives.”

Travis is a great guy! Great host! Very motivational! Please show his podcast some love!

Twitter: TMGTelMeSumthin


Kevin Palmieri & Co-Host  Alan Lazaros Founders of the Next Level University Podcast & Coaching. They have a no-nonsense approach to holistic self-improvement. Their transformative, 7 day per week podcast is focused on helping dream chasers who have been struggling to achieve their goals and are seeking community, consistency and answers.

Kevin's Instagram: neverquitkid


Dan Dluzneski, Retired Lieutenant U.S. Secret Service 24 years, Former Coordinator Emergency Management, Safety and Security Pinellas County Schools, Author, mission is to educate people within organizations about what to do in an emergency situation, such as an active shooter, fire, or bomb threat. My background and experience is an invaluable tool to train people and help increase their confidence in responding to a threat.

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