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"These guys are great. “Emotion Management” really shows some good information. Was dreading having to do this but it’s was everything except a waste of my time. They teach you a lot about yourself. I Highly recommend them."


"Excellent and interesting ! Jonathan and James are very open to listen, discuss opinions and experiences. Highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to make a positive impact on life's challenges around dealing with controlling negative emotions."


"I would tell someone that this course is something everyone should understand and take into there daily life. I would also say that you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars with multiple experts and specialists. You can get the most bang for your buck out of this course and still get the highest quality help and training. I really suggest this course if your looking to be a more even keel and calmer person."


"Freedom From Anger was a TERRIFIC experience. James and Jonathan really do a great job with specific instruction related to their clients. They gave me an extensive breakdown with several different teaching methods in their course. They also really care about their clients as they take them through the journey to better themselves. I cannot recommend these guys more!! Great experience"


"They were easy to talk with, very knowledgeable and gave great leadership and direction."

"Best anger management class available."


"Great Course, the Counselors were very relatable and empathetic."


"Staff is friendly and don't judge you while helping you through your issues. James was friendly and engaging and made lessons easier to work with."


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